Monday, December 28, 2009

Products I Want to Try in 2010

the new year is around the corner-- can you believe it? 2010! wow...i remember, like it was yesterday, being in 5th grade, talking with my friends-- we thought we'd never graduate high school because it was "so far away", ha!

all of that aside, a new year brings us the opportunity to start fresh, set new goals and look forward to whatever is in store for us.

and of course, there are always new beauty goodies to try!

i like to keep a list of want-to-try products, and the following products are in my top 3 right now:

i'm a sucker when it comes to mascaras. Dior's DiorShow Exstase Mascara claims to plump lashes inside and out and give lashes outstanding volume. according to my blogging pal Amber, the tiered brush is fabulous for grabbing even the smallest lashes and from her before and after pics, i must get my hands on a tube of my own.

foundation is a product i am very picky about, so unlike mascaras, i'm not always quick to jump and try a new one. Lancome's latest, however, has caught my attention. the Oscillation Powerfoundation is mineral-based and its vibrating applicator helps to provide perfect coverage.

another one of my cannot resist type products are deep conditioners. my hair is thick and coarse, but with proper care i keep it healthy, soft and shiny. Garnier has an fabulous-sounding product out called 3-Minute Undo Dryness Reversal Treatment. this formula is infused with olive, shea and avocado and promises to reverse dryness, nourish deeply and leave hair silky soft in just one use. since this is a drugstore buy, you just might be seeing my review of this very soon. :)

tell me: what products are you wanting to try in 2010?



em said...

yeah the new mascara looks interseting, I can't wait for some reviews!

Amber said...

Thank you so much for the linkback! You MUST try Extase... and I want to see your pics!


Catherine said...

I use Dior mascara & I L-O-V-E it. You simply must try it!

In the foundation realm, if you are super-fussy, I'd recommend anything from the gorgeous line By Terry -amazing coverage, gorgeous finish.

Keep up the great work -can't wait to read your results from the 2010 try-outs.