Friday, January 29, 2010

bareMinerals Liner Shadow in Black Emerald

i was in Macy's with my mom earlier this week and saw the most gorgeous eyeshadow shade. it was bareMinerals Liner Shadow in Black Emerald (as the name implies, it can be used as an eyeliner or worn as an eyeshadow), and wowza! i loved it.

but i didn't buy it.

at least not that day...

since i'm trying not to be such an impulse shopper, i held off on the purchase. but i thought about it all week, so that was my sign that would use it. i have done the same thing in the past and forgotten about a product, so this doesn't always happen.

in any case, you guessed it, i bought it. so here are some pics of me wearing it (well, at least my one eye, LOL). :)

as a liner (applied with a wet liner brush)

with a bit of shadow over the liner (applied with a different, dry brush)

the dramatic eye (i also added black liner to inner rim of my eye)

so pretty, right? i think the results look better in person, but hopefully these are good enough to pique your interest. there are over 45 shades of this versitile product, so i know i'll be adding more of these to my stash.

while we're on the subject of bareMinerals, the brand will be on QVC to debut their "I love BE" set. it's on right now as i type this (sorry, i know i'm late!), but also will be featured at 11am, 3pm and 9pm (eastern) on 1/30/10. this is a huge collection that includes full size products, some exclusive to QVC, so be sure to check it out!

if you have a BE retailer near you, i recommend checking out the Liner Shadows in person, but if you can't, visit and for more info.



em said...

oh wow just from the name black emerald you know it's going to be something special. looks great!

CKruger said...

The liner alone looks really good. Looks like a good product. How was it on staying power?

(BTW it's "pique" your interest. Had to say it!)

monique said...

thanks, em-- it really is! :)

CK-- thanks! the staying power is great. as a liner it lasts a long time. i typically use a primer on my lids, so it also lasted a long time as a shadow. no worries, thanks for the correction! :)