Friday, March 26, 2010

Create Runway-Inspired Looks with EcoTools

when it comes to makeup, there are certain key looks that we always see re-created and reinterpreted on runways around the world. these same looks are also often seen on our favorite celebrities at red carpet events. the smoky eye, the cat-eye and flawless skin are looks that every woman wants to master on her own...right?

EcoTools has created some amazing runway-inspired looks using their new line of brushes to help you (and me) face the new season with a fresh, new look. to add a cherry-on-top, they have also created how-to videos!

the smoky eye:

celebrity makeup artist, Meredith Baraf, knows that with the right tools and a lot of blending and smudging, anyone can get the smoky eye. taking inspiration from the makeup look at the Marni runway show, and using the new EcoTools 6-Piece Eye Brush Set (pictured, above, each brush is labeled with their proper function), she proves that you achieve the sultry yet sophisticated smoky eye. see how Meredith creates a smoky eye look here.

the cat eye:

at the Dsaquared runway show a graphic cat eye was created for a bold and extreme look, but we real world ladies need something a bit more wearable, don't you think? i love that Meredith's tips for creating a cat eye are so simple and easy to follow. to achieve this timeless look it only takes two brushes-– the Angled Eyeliner Brush and the Blending Brush (from the EcoTools 6-Piece Eye Brush Set). find out how to get an ultra glam look in a more subtle way by following the tutorial here.

the flawless face:

we all want flawless looking skin, even if we don't really have it. not only does a flawless complexion make us look younger, but it's also a beautiful foundation for any makeup look. for this look, Meredith used four brushes from EcoTools-- Concealer Brush, Foundation Brush, the Blush Brush and the Bronzer Brush. i love how she creates a glow to the skin using blush and bronzer-- check out the video here.

EcoTools are available in your local drugstore and online at


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Anonymous said...

I recently purchased Eco Tools at Ulta. They were under $20 for a set, and I loved that they were eco-friendly so I decided to give them a try. I LOVE THEM! =) They come with a handy little brush holder too.