Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Trend Alert: Clogs

clogs, if you haven't already heard, have become the season's 'it' shoe. yes, you read that right. thanks (mostly) to Chanel, clogs are the hottest style in footwear.


i'm more of a heel-wearing gal myself, so hopefully you can understand my i-don't-think-clogs-are-cute attitude. i mean, most of the one's i've found online are just hideous. plus the fact that crocs somehow kept showing up when i was looking for them made me feel a bit queasy. yuck.

funny enough-- just in time for this post-- i found a pair of clogs that i would actually wear:

these Steve Madden Daynty clogs have a heel, a platform and are available in three colors (also, notice the peep toe-- *love*). the clog pictured is in a very spring appropriate color and would look great with jeans or a playful, floral dress.

tell me: will you be hopping on the clog trend bandwagon?


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Anonymous said...

I agree, I think clogs are terrible. Sorry Coach, big mistake! I think we were just getting people to stop! The fact that there are now many styles of Crocs also makes me a bit queasy! Don't do it!