Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Green Beauty: LUSH Naked Kit

earth day is just around the corner (april 22nd, if you didn't already know), and to celebrate, LUSH will be launching their Naked Kit. true to its name, this limited edition kit houses six of LUSH's most popular solid, unpackaged and preservative-free offerings in a biodegradable box.

here's a sneak peek at what's inside...

Mini Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar-- this shampoo lasts 60 washes and will revitalize and stimulate the scalp. consider this: if the entire population of North America used a solid shampoo bar (equivalent to three 8 oz. bottles), then it would save 122 million plastic bottles from being produced and ending up in the landfill.

Mini Buffy Body Butter-– packed with natural butters to moisturize, and sand to exfoliate, this bar will save time, money, and the planet.

Mini Therapy Massage Bar-– soothe your body and your conscience with this 100% certified organic massage bar, a true LUSH invention made with natural oils and absolutely no preservatives.

Sexy Peel Soap-– with uplifting lemon and lime, this soap (along with all of LUSH soaps) is made with a palm-free base. a first of its kind, this revolutionary soap base has saved 133,000 pounds of palm oil from being produced, helping to save rainforests, indigenous people and orangutans in southeast asia.

Choice of Toner Tab-– steam your face with these LUSH inventions. choose from: T-Tree (oily skin), Vitamin C (aging skin), Vitamin E (all skin types), and Q10 (skin soothing).

Cleanser: Fresh Farmacy or Coalface-– LUSH uses the finest ingredients when creating our solid face cleansers. choose from: Fresh Farmacy (for troublesome skin) or Coalface (for oily skin).

to further increase LUSH's eco-friendly initiatives, they're eliminating in-store gift wrap service and introducing the Knot Wrap (pictured above). this furoshiki-inspired technique uses scarves (made from recyclable materials or organic fabrics) to wrap your products in a way that is kinder to the earth-- fabulous, don't you think?

LUSH's The Naked Kit is only available for a limited time, so visit lushusa.com to find out more info and to place your order.

source: beautypress.com

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Amy-CJ said...

These look gorgeous, I'm definetly going to get one!
Love your blog!