Monday, April 19, 2010

The Music of Madonna on 'Glee'

attention Glee fanatics (including me)! the show we love is finally back! the most exciting part-- the music of Madonna will be featured tomorrow night!

ok...i'm going to try to limit my use of exclamation points, for the remainder of this post, i promise...

i am a huge fan of Madonna's music. if i were to compile a soundtrack for my life, many of her songs would be on my first disc-- and the second and third, for that matter (one disc per decade so far)!

here's the track listing for Glee's episode, The Power of Madonna:

*Express Yourself

*Borderline/Open Your Heart


*Like A Virgin

*4 Minutes

*What It Feels Like For A Girl

*Like A Prayer

*Burning Up

Glee, The Power of Madonna airs tuesday, april 20, 2010 (tomorrow!!) with the soundtrack available now for pre-order on iTunes and (will be released tomorrow, april 20, 2010). visit for all things Glee, including full episodes and more. :)


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