Thursday, April 29, 2010

Robyn Cosio of Sally Hershberger Shares Some Helpful Beauty Tips

makeup artist and eyebrow specialist Robyn Cosio, of the Sally Hershberger salons in los angeles and new york, has amazing skills that set her apart in the world of beauty. she has not only worked with some of the most recognizable faces in hollywood (including Nicole Kidman, Kate Bosworth, Marisa Tomei, Christina Applegate and Cat Deeley), but she makes "everyday" women look amazing as well (and she's even written a book!).

Robyn has shared some fab tips with me that i just had to pass along. hopefully you'll adopt one, or all, of these easy-to-do tidbits to ensure you maintain your best look throughout this spring season and beyond.

take a look...

tip #1: never tweeze nude

"before you tweeze your brows, make sure you use a pencil to fill your desired shape. without a guide in place, you will always over tweeze! once you have the shape in place, simply pluck the hairs outside the line for perfect brows."

tip #2: let your lips speak

"bright red is hot for lips this spring and will command attention all on its own. adding eyeliner into the mix will make you look over the top and drown out your lip color. a gorgeous summer lip color and great brows are all you need to frame your face and stay on trend this spring!"

tip #3: add color to brows

"if your brows are looking pale, fill them in using a brow powder. avoid using a pencil as they can make your brows look fake and one dimensional. brow powders are softer and applied with a small brush (look for one that is stiff and angled) and help to give your eyes that extra pop. blondes should go one shade darker than their natural color to avoid looking monochromatic."

tip #4: sun, surf and mascara don't mix

"avoid applying mascara in summer when you spend more time outdoors and at the beach. the humid weather and water will cause your mascara to run. try having your lashes tinted – this is an easy way to keep eyes looking beautiful and eliminates the need to reapply waterproof mascara."


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