Monday, May 10, 2010

Dr. Denese SPF 30 Eye Defense Cream

daily sun protection is a must. adding a bit extra around the delicate eye area can be irritating. thanks to Dr. Denese, now adding extra sun protection around the eyes without irritation is possible with her SPF 30 Defense Eye Cream. it not only treats the skin around the eyes with peptides*, but also conceals and protects skin from harmful uv rays.

the silky texture of this eye cream goes on smoothly and can be applied on the eyelid in addition to under and around the eye (because i was wearing makeup, i show it applied under my eye). the color is a light beige, but as it is promised, the color adjusts, so it acts much like a lightweight concealer. i found it blended in easily and made my eyes looks more rested. this is definitely a must-have!

Dr. Denese SPF 301 Eye Defense Cream can be found on and

*peptides are protein fragments that can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and can thicken the dermis (the layer under the skin that gives skin its plumpness) without any harsh side effects.


Jennifer said...

Hey Monique!!
Love that cream...esp since it treats and conceals. I'd love to know something else though...what is that gorgeous nail shade you're wearing? I HAVE to have it!!

Jenn : D

monique said...

hey Jenn!

thanks! i'm kind of obsessed with the nail color myself-- it's Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro called Steel Grey. :)

mineral cosmetics said...

Under the eyes and around them are very sensitive areas and must be treated with the best of the cremes and products.Thanks for this suggestion.