Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My New Favorite Gloss: Avon Glazewear Lip Gloss

i have been introduced to my new favorite lipgloss...

and it comes from a brand i haven't used in years.

i admit, i didn't expect too much from it, but as it turns out, it's america's #1 best-selling lipgloss-- and for good reason!

since it's in the title (and, well, there's a picture), you already know i'm talking about Avon Glazewear Lip Glosses.

when i applied this to my lips, they became oh-so happy (as in a Carrie Bradshaw, "hello, lovah" kind of way). the formula is silky smooth, glossy and not sticky in the slightest. they come in Intense, Sparkle and Shine shades as well as Clear. the sparkly, nude shade of Mirage (a Sparkle shade) looks fab alone and over any lipstick, and Intense Plum (part of the Intense range of shades) is the perfect color for giving my lips the perfect berry tint.

fyi, until the end of this month (may 2010) you can snag your own Glazewear Lipglosses for less than $2 each! trust me, you will not be disappointed. to find your very own Avon rep, visit avon.com.

products featured were provided by representatives of the brand for review.


organic cosmetics said...

Sounds very nice...but are these the only two colors?Then the shades are very limited.

monique said...

hi Organic--

no. there are more than two colors. these are just the two shades sent to me by the PR company. if you visit the website you will see there are five shades to choose from in the differnt finishes-- Shine, Sparkle and Intense. There is also a Clear. :) also, i'm sure if you found a rep near you, they would be able to show some of the glosses to you in person.

Mischo Beauty said...

Your review makes me want one in every shade! LOL. Love it! :)