Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tips to Soothe Sunburned Skin

this week the temperatures have been and will be in the 80s which made think of all the hot days ahead...ugh...

while i'm not the biggest fan of summer, i know many of you are. spending too much time in the sun, however, can leave you feeling fried. while i must stress that you use sunscreen and apply regularly thruought the day, you can find quick relief when you may experience sunburn.

celebrity esthetician, Scott-Vincent Borba has given me some at-home skin recipes to share with you that will soothe your skin that are cost-effective and fast-acting. let's learn more, shall we?

to achieve instant, head-to-toe relief, take a milk bath! milk contains essential fats that help create a temporary barrier on the skin and soothe pain. to do this, fill your tub with cool water and add one gallon of milk (rich in vitamin D) plus two Alka-Seltzer tablets. the carbonation will work immediately, calming any skin irritation. add in 12-24 ice cubes, slowly-- this will allow your body to acclimate to the cool temperature.

yogurt, like milk, contains different types of fat that create a temporary protective barrier on the skin and soothe pain. to make a soothing smoothie, fill a large ziplock bag with yogurt and place in a freezer for at least thirty minutes. remove the bag from the freezer and puncture the front and back with a fork. wrap a towel around the bag and set it on the sunburned area.

sour cream offers a cooling sensation that can last longer than aloe vera (it, too, contains fatty ingredients that work to alleviate the pain and redness that comes with sunburn-- i'm noticing a pattern here...). slather a dollop of sour cream on burnt skin and cover with an ice cold wash cloth. repeat until any stinging or burning sensations dissipate.

starch found in potatoes can offer an immediate relief from overly sun-kissed skin. take two large potatoes, chop them and toss them into a blender. add a tablespoon of honey to give the mixture adhesive qualities. puree the ingredients and place them on sensitive areas of skin, you should feel instant relief. you can also use green granny apples instead of potatoes, this popular fruit contains high anti-inflammatory agents that work to reduce the redness in sunburned skin.

thanks, Scott!

these are great tips, don't you think? though, if i'm being honest, i'm hoping you won't have to use these recipes too often this summer! :)


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Libby's Pink Vanity said...

OOhh...my best advice...don't burn to begin with!!! Easier said that done, right?

I got burned bad from being at the lake when I was younger (lots younger!). I came home and took a bath with apple cider vinegar. What a relief! Yes, it smells but, the smell goes away after you get out and towel off. Ohhh, pat dry too! Ouchy!