Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hair Therapy: Pantene Pro-V Straighten & Smooth Creme

Pantene's new Medium Thick Straighten & Smooth Creme was sent to me from Harper's Bazaar Magazine via a program they offerr to subscribers (this was the first time i was chosen for it!). since being introduced to part of this range of products (shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray included), that offer different hair types different benefits, i have fallen even more in love with the brand.

the Medium-Thick Straighten & Smooth Creme is fabulous because it can be used on hair that is wet or dry. it offers extra conditioning, frizz control, shine and when hair is dry, calms fly-aways.

have you seen the new Pro-V Hair Solutions line? if not, you need to get yourself to your local drugstore and check out these products! you'll be happy you did.

pic taken by me :)


Vanessa S said...

I love Pantene!! It's so reasonable!!

monique said...

hi Vanessa-- yes, it is! and it just keeps getting better... :)