Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beautiful Removal: LAshX Lash Cleanse

if you wear lash extensions you know that wearing mascara is a no-no. removing it with regular eye makeup removers can loosen the glue holding the hairs in place and your gorgeous lashes won't last very long. if you are tempted to wear mascara, now you can-- this remover, LAshX Lash Cleanse ,was created especially for lash extensions, but those of us with natural lashes can use it, too!

created by celeb eyelash extension expert, Amanda (Mandy) Jacobellis, this gentle, and very effective, eye makeup remover contains conditioning ingredients like pure aloe, silk fibers and chamomile extracts along with panthenol, a pro-vitamin B, that helps strengthen hair.

one thing you should know first is that the box directions are different than those on the bottle-- follow the directions on the bottle, as this is the method that works best, and especially so for you extension-wearing beauties (see pic, above).

my personal experience with LAshX is that it's not the best at removing waterproof or stubborn-to-remove mascara (like CG LashBlast, which is my go-to mascara). while it does a good job removing other regular mascaras, i've found that i mostly prefer to use it after my typical cleansing routine to remove the last traces of mascara that get left behind. the formula is silky and doesn't sting or irritate my eyes and my lashes are left feeling soft-- love that!

visit for more info and to order.

a full-size product sample was sent to me for review consideration

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Sophie said...

My mum is a beauty therapist, and you can wear mascara easily. At most salons you can be sold mascara which contains no oils, and is also easier to remove. You can also buy Eye Makeup Remover from your therapist which has no oil in it, therefore not destroying the glue..

It may be much cheaper than LashX?
Just wanted to let you know, love your blog. xxxxx