Tuesday, July 27, 2010

nail color of the week: MAC So Rich So Pretty

when i first saw MAC's So Rich So Pretty nail polish (from the Alice + Olivia Collection), i knew i had to get it. i also knew it wouldn't be at my local MAC counter (which is at Macy's-- our mall doesn't have a Nordstrom, grrr), so i would have to order online.

i'm so thankful i did-- it quickly sold out online. i'm sure that had i driven 30 minutes to Nordie's it would have been for nothing (that's just how things seem to work out for me, LOL!).

in any case, i ordered it (along with the Later pigment, also A+O, which is also sold out online), and now own it-- yay! isn't it gorgeous?

SRSP outdoors

So Rich So Pretty was a bit hard for my camera to capture in direct sunlight-- it seemed to do this weird, blurry, sci-fi-looking thing-- but the pics above are pretty accurate. in person, it's just as described by the brand, a bright purple frost. it's such a fun, fabulous shade that is great for summer. if you can get it, definitely do-- it won't be around forever.

pics taken by me :)

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