Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spa Trends for 2010

who knew going to the spa could be so fashionable? yes, beauties, the spa is a place to relax and get pampered, but it's also a fabulous way to stay healthy (hey, mental and emotional health are so very important, too, you know).

on Spa Week's daily blog, they came up with a list of 12 trending spa treatments, and i thought you'd be happy to know there are some great treatments on the list! take a look at a few that sound very pampering and very beneficial for your health...

to fight allergies:

ugh, i know all too well how annoying allergies can be, so something like this is right up my alley. these treatments off things like sinus massages, breathe-easy facials and cold & flu bath salts-- perfect to soothe those pesky seasonal allergies.

get better beauty sleep:

if you battle with insomnia, you're in desperate need of a good night's slumber. proper REM cycles are just as rejuvenating as a spa treatment, so one of the hottest trends emerging in the industry is a dream-worthy mix of the two to promote better sleeping patterns. scents such as rosewood, valmarosa and Vanilla are used to guide you off to never-never land while massage techniques make for a complete relaxation experience.

hot and cold stone massages:

always a favorite treatment, especially during Spa Week (because they are always amazing!), the hot stone massage offers the perfect way to relax and rejuvenate. to give it a new twist, this treatment can now also include the application of cold stones. what's the benefit, you ask? well, not only does it add multi-dimensional stimulation (by alternating the hot and cool stones), but this method helps every cell in the body receive more oxygen and nutrients, while also encouraging a more effective removal of toxins.

there are other amazing new treatments that you'll want tot learn more about to prepare yourself for Spa Week-- read the full list of top spa trends by visiting Spa Week's blog!

p.s., Spa Week's fall spa directory is up now for us west coasters, and will be available on september 13 for the rest of the country. there you'll be able to see which spas are offering which services. i plan to participate-- you should, too! try one, try all— Spa Week is the best time to indulge and experiment-- treatments will be available for just $50! visit spaweek.com for all the details.

info and images courtesy of Spa Week

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