Friday, September 17, 2010

Dr. Denese HydroShield Hydrating Dream Cream

hydration, hydration, hydration. it should be a top priority when caring for your skin, no matter the season. this past spring season, i was given the opportunity to try HydroShield Dream Cream from Dr. Denese. you could only imagine my excitement. i mean, i watch QVC-- i know who Dr. Denese is and how much women love her products! needless to say, i was eager to discover for myself what so many women rave about.

to my surprise, i really fell in love with this skincare gem. it's creamy and rich in texture, but feels sooo light on the skin. it absorbs like a dream (no pun intended!) and always left my skin looking good, thanks to all of its yummy-for-skin peptides, retinol and ceramides.

Dream Cream became one of my absolute favorite moisturizers, for the better part of the summer at least. sadly, i ran out (*tear*). so, i've been without it now for over 2 months (!). it's taken a lot for me to not order myself a new jar, but i'm currently testing out another line of skincare right now and don't want to hinder that program (oh, the dilemmas of being a beauty blogger, huh? LOL).

sadness over my empty jar...

in any case, i highly recommend Dream Cream. i can't wait to have it back in my skincare lifestyle again!

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