Wednesday, October 13, 2010

dental beauty: Flossbox

keeping teeth and gums healthy is essential to having a fabulous, bright smile. while many of us (me included) don't really enjoy flossing, i have been introduced to something that makes it a little more glamorous.

meet Flossbox.

this little goodie houses a gentle floss that is comparable to the current brand i actually use, Glide. but Flossbox has a mirror-- more reason to take it with you or keep at home (i like to hold it just under my nose and look down into it to apply mascara-- no pesky smudges on my lids!). i love the design-- sleek and stylish, perfect for even a small evening clutch or your back pocket!

the brand's PR company was kind enough to personalize some for me (so sweet!)-- cute, right?

ok, so flossing isn't really glamorous, but it needs to be done, beauties! you can find Flossbox at your local drugstore, and if want your own customized Flossbox, click here.

pics taken by me :). product sent to me for review consideration.

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Nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

I love this!!! I always lose my floss in my purse b/c it is so tiny. I'm going to have to check this out. Love the personalized one as well so cute