Monday, November 1, 2010

hair therapy: Pantene Curl Enhancing Spray Gel

during the summer, i was given the opportunity to try Pantene's Curl Enhancing Spray Gel. i decided it was the perfect time to do something i hadn't done in some time: wear my hair curly!

Pantene Spray Gel + air dry time = my naturally curly-haired self. :)

while i have no issue heat-styling my hair during the summer months, i thought that going back to my method of giving my hair a break-- like i used to do as a teen-- wouldn't hurt me (it always helped my hair stay healthier!).

i love that this comes in spray form, making application so easy. the formula also smells good and never left my hair feeling "crunchy".

i look like i'm 15 again (well, ok, not really), LOL!

give your curls a treat and try
find Pantene's Curl Enhancing Spray Gel. you can find it at your favorite drug and mass retailer. visit for more info.

product featured sent to me by the brand's PR for review consideration.


Nikia said...

Ah! I love your curly hair! I've always wondered about your natural texture, its beautiful..

Vanessa S said...

Your hair looks lovely!! :-)f