Monday, May 9, 2011

inspired-style: mixing prints...

when it comes to mixing prints, my daughter is a pro. from a very young age i told her my #1 rule: just make sure to coordinate your colors. she's very good with it now. she loves having fun with her clothes {exhibit a, above}, but manages to stay coordinated, never thinking twice about taking fashion risks! :)

i myself am a huge fan of mixing prints, but to do it right {and in a more, sophisticated, grown-up way}, you should keep these guidelines in mind:

**be sure that at least one color repeats throughout your outfit.
**loose prints work well with structured prints {think swirls with stripes}.
**blending small designs {think plaid} with larger-scale ones {bold flowers} are fun and look great year-round.

for more ideas regarding this inspired trend, check out this article on


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