Monday, September 26, 2011

monday musings...

the last week was pleasant, full of random goodness. while everyday life continued, i still managed to discover some new blogs, finish a few books, send a new friend a package filled with some fabulous goodies, shop for new nail polishes and was thrilled to test out some new hair and beauty products {all to be shared soon!}.

officially, summer is over, and i gladly welcome the fall season. cool, crisp air fills the mornings, leaves are changing color, and i'm looking forward to all the splendid and fun events that will occur in the coming months; these are only a few reasons why i love this time of year.

i've always been fond of layering, wearing hats and sipping hot coffee or tea next to a glowing fire {candles are always fabulous, too-- loving my new Autumn one from Bath & Body Works, pictured above}. i also love to begin reflecting on the past year while also hoping for the one forthcoming. it's strange how quickly each goes by the older i get, but i truly do try to enjoy each moment, finding and appreciating the smallest pleasures of each day-- i hope you do, too!

here's to a fabulous autumn season...

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