Friday, September 9, 2011

style inspiration: Olivia Palermo

where do you find your style inspiration?

true, we as americans find it via celebs, and this post is no exception. in my defense, i don't really think that everyone knows who Olivia Palermo is, but her star is definitely rising and she is {thankfully} making a name for herself aside from her reality show persona {google her if you have no clue what i'm talking about}.

whether she's wearing her hair dark or light, long, cropped, curled or straight, Olivia P has a true sense of personal style that i love. her lady-like ensembles almost always include a statement necklace along with a great bag and shoes. the looks are well put-together, and yet she always looks comfortable and at ease.

in addition, she's not afraid to take risks and plays with many silhouettes and prints. take a look at these random pics, and you'll see why she's definitely a gal to look to for style inspiration...

p.s., i'm happy to report that fashion e-tailer is expanding its guest editor program to include Ms. Palermo for fall along with Rachel Bilson and Byrdie Bell! :)

all images via tumblr

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