Tuesday, October 18, 2011

green beauty: 100% Pure Color Cosmetics

there's nothing i love better than knowing products i use are natural and good for my skin. while i realize that my fondness obsession love of beauty products means i won't always be using natural ingredients, i am always thrilled when i either find and purchase or am given the opportunity to try new green beauty goodies {in this case, the brand sent me products}.

the items i refer to are from 100% Pure, and let me say darlings, they are yummy, yummy.

i have reviewed the Tinted Moisturizer in the past, and this time i was able to try all the gorgeousness that came along with the luminous primer, fruit pigmented pot rouge {Rosy}, satin eye shadow {Halo} and flawless skin foundation {Toffee}.

by now, you've probably guessed that i am loving these products...

truly, it amazes me that these products are so incredibly pigmented and work as well, if not even better than a lot of chemical-filled products. i love that the primer left my skin feeling silky soft and the foundation is buildable, providing the coverage i wanted, where i wanted it. the shadow is as soft as satin, just at the name suggests and the pot rouge {isn't that such a fabulous, classic word? rouge...love it!} gave my cheeks the perfect flush of color right where i applied it.

another fabulous thing about 100% Pure products is that they're loaded with antioxidants and skin-loving ingredients {fruits, teas, vitamins} that help skin on a deeper level, hence the smile on my face! ;)

visit their website, 100percentpure.com, and discover for yourself these, and many other {like their body lotions!!} gems...

pics taken by me :)


Salon Dailies said...

Never tried green beauty products before. I will have to give it a shot.

ScheffeƩ said...

100% pure products is such a great idea. Thank you for the introduction. I'm going to check it out.