Tuesday, October 11, 2011

hair therapy: WEN Fall Ginger Pumpkin Cleansing Conditioner

just in time for the fall season, Chaz Dean introduces, for a limited time, his WEN cleansing conditioner in a fabulous, Ginger Pumpkin scent*.

and yes, it smells just as good as it sounds...

this being my first experience with WEN, i'm certainly thankful it was with this scent {looking forward to trying Pomegranate and Fig varieties}! i j'adore fall and all the gorgeous spices associated with it...

when it comes to hair products, i have tried many deep conditioners, often loving them when my hair was left feeling light and not weighed down. of course, i always used a shampoo beforehand. WEN not only left my hair feeling healthy, shiny and soft, but surprisingly full of body, bounce, and it was clean - without the use of any shampoo!

it's a bit of a different experience using WEN, but i have to say i enjoyed it. since it doesn't lather, you'll be happy to know it won't strip hair or scalp of moisture, and it keeps color-treated hair vibrant; after applying {directions call for a certain number of pumps depending on length and thickness of hair}, let it sit in for a few minutes. you can {as i did} wash and exfoliate you skin, shave, and when time is up, all that's left is to rinse it out.

WEN can also be used as a leave-in conditioner {who doesn't love a multi-tasker?}, so a few times i applied a small pump into my tresses before bed or right after styling {and if you didn't already know, i only wash my hair 1-2x a week since it is so thick}. me and my hair are in love...

have you tried WEN? if so let me know what you think. if not, i highly recommend treating yourself to a bottle! visit chazdean.com for more info and to order.

*product featured sent to me for the purpose of review; pics are my own

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Scraps said...

Welcome to the Wen world! I've been using Wen for about 3 years now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I've used all the scents and formations. There are times I'll mix two - one type on my roots and another on the rest of my hair. I can't imagine being with out it!

My sister lives in Canada and once we went to visit her and the only Wen I happened to have was a gallon jug. Customs raised their eyebrows and the my sister nearly fell over laughing.

Now I've got plenty of sizes stockpiled.!

Can't wait to smell the next 2 seasonal scents.