Sunday, April 22, 2012

currently loving...

spring is in full swing...isn't it fabulous?

mornings are still cold, but the days are getting warmer, longer, and i'm so inspired by all of the new and gorgeous things in my life that are making the season so much more splendid...

fresh blooms!
i love fresh flowers, and seeing them everywhere always brings a smile to my face.

a new scent!
i've enjoyed wearing Shenandoah, by Terri Michelle fragrances, a lot lately. the clean-smelling scent has floral notes, but also musks, making it sophisticated but still light. i admit, i probably wouldn't have liked this a few years ago, but i now find this to be quite lovely. this gem is perfect for the spring season with its notes of bergamot, white lily, white musk, freesia, lotus, ylang ylang and sandalwood.

coral and mint in particular are among the eye-pleasing, happy-inducing pastel shades every beauty girl should be adding to her daily life this season. both shades are uber flattering and can easily be incorporated through clothing, accessories and beauty products. i'm loving Sally Hansen nail polish in Mint Sorbet and Revlon's Coral Reef lipgloss.

new mascaras!
even if i'm not wearing shadow or liner, i wear mascara. three i can't get enough of all happen to be made by Maybelline ~ One by One {clump-free, fabulous volume}, Lots of Lashes {amazing, glossy length and volume with a fabulous brush to get at every lash} and Illegal Length Fiber Extensions {gorgeous, flake-free length}. trust me, dolls, you need these eye-opening gems in your beauty arsenal.

what are you currently loving??

Shenandoah fragrance sent to me for review consideration; pics taken by me

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