Friday, August 10, 2012

Total Beauty: Easy Ways to Customize Your Makeup

bonjour, beauties! hope your week has been a pleasant one. here in so cal it's been beyond blazing, complete with a heat warning from the weather service. thankfully, stay inside has its benefits. i've started {and finished} some books, watched a few movies {via netflix streaming and borrowed movies from the library}, listened to podcasts, and of course, been fascinated by the Olympics!

i've also enjoyed reading some fun and very informative articles, including this one from Total Beauty regarding mixing products to make products already owned work to be even better. from mixing your highlighter with moisturizer for a glowy, pretty base to creating new lip colors using my that ever-growing MAC pigments collection and lipgloss.

fun tips are ahead! enjoy...

Having a tough time finding the right shade of foundation or lipstick? You may already have the solution -- and it's in your makeup bag

Makeup Mixology: How to Create Your Perfect Blend
This is a makeup tips article
Before you head out to Sephora for a long and possibly unsuccessful trip to find that perfect match, try makeup mixology. By combining your favorite go-to staples, you can customize your products for all of your beauty wants and needs. See how you can get the DIY technique that experts are using now.

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