Wednesday, September 12, 2012

currently loving...

bonjour, loves! hope you're having a beautiful week!

i don't know about you, but i like to make it a point to find something to appreciate every day. i've shared previously, for example, the morning walks i take with my dog, Piper. our pre-dawn ritual is not only a healthy thing to do, but allows me to mentally plan for my day. it's on these walks that i also get to see  gorgeous sunrises and sometimes experience the unexpected. on two different days last week i found myself in a sudden downpour {the pup and i were too far from from home at that point to turn around, so we kept walking and, thankfully, it lasted less than 10 minutes} and witness to a huge spider spinning a fabulously huge web. at first the sight scared me {did i mention it was a huge spider?!}, but realizing i was in no danger i stopped to was beyond fascinating!

in any case, these are some other things i'm currently loving...

fashion week month! for the past week nyc fashion shows have been wowing me, but will be wrapping up tomorrow; london shows are the 14th through the 18th, followed by milan {19th-25th} and paris {25th-october 5th}. i find it so inspiring to see the months of work and creative thought come to life, even if only for a comparatively short span of time on the runway.

to keep myself on task {believe me, it's easy to let all the fashion week coverage take up precious time} i have adopted the Pomodoro Technique. this basic concept instructs individuals to spend 25 minutes of devoted effort on work and then take a 5-minutes break. this has truly been helping me to focus on whatever it is i need to get done, then i can do something different for 5 minutes {like blast some music and dance around the living room} until i'm done with my task.

this DIY video {can't wait to do this myself!}

{one of} my current reads, The Way She Looks Tonight, a biography of sorts that highlights 5 fabulous trendsetting women in history.

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream. this is an old skincare fave that i admit i forgot i enjoyed using until i was reintroduced to it {thanks to a gwp}.

what are you currently finding love for? share in the comments! :)

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