Thursday, January 31, 2013

fit beauty girl: 3 workouts i love

bonjour, loves!

i have a question...where did january go?

time just flies by, doesn't it?? my family has been fighting off an icky cold, but thankfully i haven't come down with anything. it's very rare that i get sick, but it doesn't mean it doesn't ever happen...

in any case, because healthy eating and being active are such a normal part of my life, i wanted to share some workout types that i really love. when it comes to fitness, it should be enjoyable {my motto is, if you don't enjoy the activity, you won't stick with it}! so aside from traditional cardio and weight training, these are a must in my life: yoga, barre and interval training. each is challenging, fun and definitely never boring; i love how each practice offers so many benefits!

so much more than stretching, each movement {done barefoot on a mat} aids in building balance, strength, focus and detoxification. styles can range from slow and restoring to high-paced and challenging; each class always leaves you feeling relaxed yet energized {unless i do a practice specifically for bedtime prep}, and you'll always be challenged mentally. this is beneficial for cultivating patience...ideal for dealing with all of life's daily stresses off the mat. you can take classes in a gym, a private studio, via dvds and podcasts. my fave resources include Yoga Journal and 

also done in bare feet, barre workouts are a blend of ballet, pilates and yoga. they may also include the use of props such as a small ball and light hand weights. the concentrated moves really work all the tiny muscles that support the large muscles, thus helping to further define, lengthen, lift and trim the body. and because you don't wear shoes, your feet will get stronger, too. your gym may offer classes like these, but for at-home convenience {you'd use a chair in place of the barre}, i love Ballet ConditioningLeah Sarago's Ballet Body series and Burn at the Barre. i have to also mention Core Fusion because the whole collection is fab, and for classes online {subscription required}, Barre3  is the best!

interval training
a must to build stamina and strengthen your heart! consisting of bursts of high effort followed by slower paced or different movements to recover {like run 30 seconds, walk 60 seconds}, variations can also include switching between cardio work and toning exercises. not only high calorie burner, these workouts are so efficient at getting a lot done in a shorter amount of time.

have you tried any of these styles of workouts? do you prefer something different? share in the comments!

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