Wednesday, April 17, 2013

essence cosmetics 3D eyeshadow duos + stays no matter what collection

spring is a fabulous season, but kind of crazy if you think about it ~ the climate is completely different from state to state. it's sunny and warm here, but i have friends who are snowed in! in any case, it's still technically spring, so we should all be having fun with products in fun new shades, right?

as it turns out, essence cosmetics has released some ~ new 3D duo eyeshadows dare you to explore new dimensions and the STAYS no matter what collection wants you to revel in the ultimate staying power.

the 3D duo eyeshadows boast an ultra-light, high-coverage formula with a cool finish to create a most gorgeous, multi-dimensional effect.

from satin to metallic to shimmering, the six duos feature two perfectly aligned shades. colors include Irresistible Purr-ple, Irresistible Caramel CreamIrresistible Chocolates {pictured above}; Irresistible First Love, Irresistible Smoky Eye and Irresistible Mermaid Kiss {pictured below}; when applied with a wet brush, they offer even more intense results.   

the essence STAYS no matter what collection includes:
 24h waterproof volume mascara...
 24h waterproof eyeliner pen...
and waterproof eye pencil.

i've read some very positive reviews about the STAYS collection, so i'm definitely looking forward to trying them out when it really starts to heat up this summer!

what do you think? have you tried or will you try any of the new shadows? the liners or mascara? let me know in the comments!

you can find essence cosmetics online at

info and images courtesy of essence cosmetics

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