Saturday, May 4, 2013

Total Beauty: new ingredients to add to your beauty routine

skincare products have a special place in my heart, so {naturally} it's always exciting for me to discover and learn about new technology and the formulations they're being used in.

this list from Total Beauty will help you learn more about some of these new ingredients, already creating buzz, and should you decide to try them out, be a fabulous boost to your current beauty routine...

Retinols and glycolic acids are so yesterday. Get updated on the new buzz-worthy skin care ingredients

7 New Skincare Ingredients To Get Excited About
This is a Skin care article
When it comes to the beauty products we use everyday, skincare is where the science is. New skin care ingredients and skin care advancements are being discovered practically every day. The tried and true concoctions should still hold a place in your skin care regimen (don't skimp on the SPF and don't give up on retinol just yet!), but there are new and exciting skin care ingredients that you should introduce into your regular routine. Click ahead to get the 411 on the special skincare ingredients you should try.

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