Friday, September 20, 2013

back to school beauty essentials: organizing

the school year is in full swing, and i've already bought plenty of stuff to make sure we're prepared for homework, projects, and the "i can't find my pencil" moments {ha!}.

 it's important to have a place for all those pencils {rulers, notebooks, scissors, paperclips...} just as it's important to have a place for all those fabulous beauty tools and new product hauls. having multiples of everything can be a good thing {it's actually inevitable with beauty products, right? }, but having lots of everything can become stressful if it's all over the place. staying organized not only saves time, but it also looks good {and keeps stress levels down}!

Pottery Barn Teen was kind enough to send me a couple of unique items that work fabulously for getting and keeping your stash in check...

this Manicure/Pedicure Lapdesk from Pottery Barn Teen is a gorgeous, completely functional beauty station. its wooden top makes the perfect surface for painting and polishing, while compartments on the inside allow for plenty of supply storage. i love that this allows me to keep all my nail items together for an impromptu mani or pedi; the hard part is choosing which polish color to wear... 

The Ultimate Beauty Organizer is available in two sizes {i have the small} and can be personalized via the website {love that!}; i j'adore how versatile it is, yet still looks so incredibly elegant ~ makes staying organized less of an effort, wouldn't you say? :)

other items of note that are quite beneficial for organizing your beautiful life {some i actually own myself and others can easily found on the web}:

 this rolling cart works fabulously for keeping your faves in view but out of the way; simple plastic drawers can go under sinks, in closets or on your countertop.

 i love using mini storage trays and drawer organizers {find pretty ones at TJ Maxx!} ~ they fit into drawers and are perfect for makeup, hair and jewelry.

lipstick holders and makeup brush holders keep your favorite lippies and most-used brushes in site;

small jars and vases can also be utilized for holding items {mascaras, liners, brushes...}, and as long as you create a "home" for your goodies, you'll fell so much better.

tell me: how do you keep your beauty stash organized?

Pottery Barn Teen organizers were sent to me for the purpose of review/feature ~ opinions and thoughts are my own; pics taken by me :)

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