Monday, September 9, 2013

monday musings...

 {pic of the morning sky while out on my walk}
life is packed with everything from daily to-do listserrands and work; taking care of kids and friendships; making time for hobbiesdriving from place to placedoing this and that for these people and that..

etcetera, etcetera....

and you know it all has to be shared  documented via twitter, facebook or instagram...


for the past several months, i've been taking time daily to meditate. to literally sit and do nothing but breathe. it's especially fabulous after my morning yoga practices, but really works any time of day. not only have i grown to relish the relatively short time {10-15 minutes} in silence, but it has reinforced my belief that simplicity and just doing nothing every day is so healthy.

which got me thinking...

when was the last time you were bored?

did you know boredom or doing nothing is a great way to stimulate creativity?

i think i've mentioned this in a previous post, but i personally unplug on sundays. no tweeting, sharing or liking. and during the week, i purposely take online time outs.

dream ~ a friendly reminder while waiting for my tea to steep...
since we live in such a fast-moving world, we can now watch news in real time, find out which beauty products/fragrance/clothing collections will be released months ahead of time, and are able to connect with everyone including, but not limited to, our favorite trend-setters, experts and creators of our most-adored hobbies, shows/movies/music and geeky things we enjoy.

all via the web.

don't get me wrong, i'm an active online participant! i love being able to tweet @ those i admire,   commenting, asking questions and thanking them for what they do; i get my news online; i seek out new recipes, style inspiration, beauty how-tos and book recommendations {if you follow me on twitter, you know that these days many of my daily workout classes come from online sources}. this is all good, but like everything, can become information overload. so, i relish the benefits of daily setting an intention to just sit and be. and once a week i turn it off so i can fully engage in the real life happening around me.

 it's fabulous and i can appreciate it even more.

basically i'm saying that it's ok to just be bored; it may be awkward at first, but try it! sit, do nothing. look out at what's going on around you...breathe. let your own thoughts come to the surface... 

that's it. just a random rant...thanks for listening reading...i now return you back to your regular online  schedule. :)

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