Wednesday, October 9, 2013

beauty review: a beautiful comeback for Jane Cosmetics

if you remember Jane cosmetics, you not only remember a fun, wallet-friendly line of makeup, but you probably were truly bummed when one day your beautiful products were missing from the shelves...

well, beauties, if you hadn't already heard {or seen} the news, Jane is back!

and better than ever if i do say so myself.

the brand has created a fabulous new line of goodies so amazing, i'm beaming as i type this and am beyond thrilled to share what they have to offer with you!

~ filling a niche between value and prestige cosmetics lines, Jane's philosophy that true beauty comes from giving back and that confidence comes in many colors, is emphasised in the new packaging featuring vibrant lomographic imagery, showcasing the faces of "The Friends of Jane"; real, culturally diverse women who are giving back to their communities and changing the world in impactful ways. ~

take a look...

Multi-Colored Bronzing Powder ~ a shimmery bronzer that leaves skin with a beautiful, golden glow. i just love the embossed floral bouquet design!

Multi-Colored Cheek Powder ~ available in 3 gorgeous shades {Pink Bouquet, Peach Bouquet and Berry Bouquet}, these multi-colored cheek powders {also with a pretty floral bouquet design} add a pop of natural-looking color for a healthy flush.

Cream Eye Shadow ~ can be applied with the wand or fingertips; these luminous, cream-to-powder shadows are just fabulous! they dry quickly, are smudge-proof and last all day on lids without any creasing. by the way, they make a great alternative to primer.

Eye Shadows ~ 12 shades available in shimmer {can be applied either wet or dry; when applied wet with a brush, the color and shimmer is greatly intensified} and matte; all beautiful and such a treat to wear.

Lip Gloss and Intense Color Lip Gloss ~ all incredibly moisturizing; rich color lasts on my lips with just the right amount of stickiness and yummy flavor {not overpowering in the slightest}.

have you tried any of the new Jane goodies? if not, do so ASAP! you can find them at Ulta. to see every beautiful and happy-making product, be sure to visit

products featured sent to me for review consideration; pics taken by me :)

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