Sunday, October 27, 2013

Total Beauty: makeup touchup cheat sheet

isn't the mid-day makeup breakdown so impossibly frustrating? thankfully, this beauty conundrum can be fixed. the tips and tricks offered in the following Total Beauty article have been super helpful, so i wanted to share!

take a couple of minutes to read through the following advice, come back and tell me if you agree. and if you have any tips and tricks that keep your makeup looking fresh all day, share those as well!

How to look like you just did your makeup, no matter what time it is

The Cheater's Guide to Mid-Day Makeup Touchups
This is a Makeup article

Ever wish you had someone waiting in the wings to touch up your makeup? While we can't provide you with a personal makeup artist, we do have the best tips and products for touching up your makeup on the go. Find out how to get rid of that runny mascara and keep your foundation from melting off of your face -- without starting from scratch.

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