Friday, November 22, 2013

hair therapy: Rahua Conditioner

 happy friday, beauties! i'd like to introduce you to my new favorite hair product: Rahua Conditioner.

this conditioner has found a special place in my product-loving heart ~ oh, let me count the ways…

 it's organic, 100% natural, and works in multiple ways ~ yes, it's a multitasker!

this beauty boasts itself to be both a conditioner and a medium-hold styling cream. this is true, but it doesn't stop there {at least in my use of it}. i've applied it to my hair before heat styling {the heat aids in  helping the product penetrate deeper into my needy hair} and adding a bit of product to the ends, or any flyaways, gives my tresses additional shine, leaving it feeling so silky and soft…

i'm in love.

i have a travel-friendly, 2-ounce size that fits easily into any bag or purse, but it also comes in a 9.3 ounce bottle.

i highly recommend this Rahua Conditioner, dolls! if you're looking for a treat, try it for yourself... and for what it's worth, i know Eva Chen, Lucky mag's EIC, is a fan.

visit for more info.

product featured was included in a promotional gift bag given to me by SpaceNK with no obligation for review; opinion/thoughts are my own; pic taken by me :)

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