Wednesday, November 27, 2013

skincare gem: eraclea Pure Hydration Serum/Zinc

happy wednesday, beauties…

it's thanksgiving tomorrow…wow! where did this year go?! {a question i ask every year, haha}

in any case, i'm definitely loving it…this is the time of year that makes me so, so, so happy! cold, crisp morning walks with my dog following my daily workouts {i'm still in love with practicing yoga,  barre3, Ellen Barrett, Jessica Smith and core fusion} bring so much positivity to my day. i'm always thankful for that...

and my mugs of tea…new beauty goodies…leg warmers…scarves…hats

you get the idea :)

what else am i thankful for?

Pure Hydration Serum/Zinc from eraclea skincare.

it's amazing.

as it so happens, my skin has become bit drier over the past year {i blame stress and ongoing health issues}, so using this daily over the past several weeks has been perfect ~ it was created with these issues in mind! i do still consider myself an oily skin type, and every skin type needs hydrating products {not necessarily to be confused with moisturizing}, so with eraclea Pure Hydration serum i have really noticed those pesky little dry areas on my face are more smooth and supple looking.

 this moisture-intensive serum is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory thanks to zinc which helps promote healing while reducing redness. the serum's hydration rejuvenates and replenishes the skin with the brand's HylaSponge®System, a hyaluronic acid complex, which is said to be the reason it leaves skin feeling fresh, smooth and hydrated {and no greasy residue}.

my skin really has responded positively to this lovely product. along with it, i was sent other products in the range to try, but Pure Hydration has given me the most visible and positive results, i had to tell you about it first!

i will definitely purchase this, though i still have product left. i'm pretty sure that i'll be sad when it's gone, but to be honest {full disclosure here} since i have other products to use and test out for you, i'll most likely have put it off…

maybe someone will put a bottle in my stocking… :)

for more info and to learn more about this innovative brand of skincare, visit

item featured sent to me for review consideration; the review/opinions are honest and my own; pics taken by me :)

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