Friday, January 31, 2014

winter beauty: Lavanila Vanilla Coconut Collection

if you're dreaming about tropical islands and the warm, sun-filled days of summer amidst this blustery, uber-cold winter season, you're not alone ~ especially of you're currently dealing with crazy snow or extreme cold conditions. not fun!

and even if that's not the case {like for me, living here in droughtville, southern california}, the gorgeous scent that brings thoughts of warm sunshine and sand can be yours year-round thanks to Lavanila The Healthy Vanilla Coconut Collection. the fragrance captures the beauty and calming scents that will take your thoughts and senses away to a tropical terrain every time you use their deodorant, body butter or fragrance.

every product is 100% natural and made with ingredients such as luscious coconut, bright tiare flower, fluffy heliotrope, creamy sandalwood and madagascar vanilla. 

sounds divine, doesn't it? 

i'm sure you'll find this scent will give you the lift you need and keep your thoughts on warmer days to come…

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info and images courtesy of featured brand's PR

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