Saturday, February 22, 2014

manicure must-have: Julep Ta-Da fast drying drops

 when it comes to manicures, i'm all about the DIY. this certainly wasn't always the case, but over the years it has become quite a relaxing practice and a simple, easy way for me to focus my attention on something when i become anxious.

at-home manis are also more wallet-friendly {i can't afford to pay someone to do my nails 2-3 times a week, LOL! not to mention it takes time driving back and forth, waiting for the nail tech, the actual manicure, etc., etc.}, so i'd rather spend that cash on polishes that i can keep and wear {or remove} when i want. also, i have multiple things on my to-do list daily, so sitting and waiting for my nails to dry, even if i'm at home, isn't always helpful.

yes, i have Seche Vite and other fast-drying top coats that help me in this department, but i'm compelled to make sure you know about a specific item from Julep that i have fallen in love with:

Julep Ta-Da Quick Drying Drops

this amazing liquid not only helps to reduce polish dry time, but the formula nourishes nails and cuticles with a blend of botanical oils and vitamin E. i j'adore this since my cuticles can get dry {thanks to the dry weather and the fact that i'm constantly using and washing my hands}; the relaxing lavender and yang yang scent gives them that "something special".

Ta-da! drops come in a bottle with an applicator in the form of a dropper. after about a minute from applying your last coat of polish, apply 1-2 drops over each nail to seal in the color; minutes later you can go on with your day ~ love it!

have you tried the new Julep Ta-Da Quick Drying Drops? head over to and check them out! oh, and you might also want to check out their Maven program… :)

product featured was purchased by me and was included in my december Julep Maven subscription box; this post contains links to the website; if you decide to join i earn points toward a free box; pics taken by me :)

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