Monday, March 3, 2014

manicure must-have: Cutex SPA Formula Nail Polish Remover

 happy post-oscar day to you, beauties! have you recovered? if you live anywhere outside the pacific time zone and stayed up to watch, you are quite fabulous i have to say! i was happy when the broadcast was coming to an end before 9pm. 

i'm an early riser, so

that's not what i'm here to talk about, of course, but my reason for mentioning it {besides the obvious} is the fact that there were some fabulous manicures being rocked on the tips of hollywood's movie stars last night. but just like us regular gals, they'll have to take it off at some point.

if i could recommend a remover to any of them, it would be the one i'm currently loving from Cutex:  SPA Formula Nail Polish Remover.

when it comes to nail polish remover, there was a time that i used 100% acetone exclusively. i loved it for its speedy removal and it was fabulous at dissolving even the glitteriest shades without issue. until i found myself using more and more cuticle oil to keep my poor tips from looking so wrecked. that stuff is harsh and was doing major damage ~ not pretty!!!

so, i made a choice and switched to a nourishing formula ~ what a difference! and while my cuticles and nails were happier, i was using less glitter polish. i couldn't help but think, "if only there were something that combined the strength of acetone, but without being so harsh…"

and {as if they heard me!} that's when the fabulous people representing Cutex contacted me to share the news regarding their newest innovation…

Cutex SPA Formula Nail Polish Remover.

combining the power of acetone {98.7%} with natural botanical nourishing oils {including apricot seed, flax seed and perilla oils}, users of gel, Shellac, glitter and other hard-to-remove nail polishes need this in their lives. Cutex SPA is amazing in that it works as well as 100% acetone, and yet still moisturizes and conditions nails after each use.

"we are thrilled to offer a new solution for women wanting a powerful nail polish remover formula that is both nourishing and strengthening and without the damaging effects of pure acetone remover,” said Barbara Hershfelt, director of sales and marketing for Cutex. "our 100-year heritage is founded on new and innovative products and SPA Formula is the perfect solution for nail enthusiasts who desire to keep their nails looking and feeling healthy, strong and beautiful."

how excited are you about this?!

i certainly am! my excitement {you get that i'm thrilled about this, right?!} is so hard to convey here in writing, but i love this stuff! it's incredible at removal and, just as it promises, nourishes nails, never leaving them or my cuticles feeling dried out; i no longer have to avoid wearing {and ultimately removing} a glittery polish manicure...


Cutex SPA Formula Nail Polish Remover is available in select stores nationwide; purchase online at

product featured sent to me for review consideration; opinions and thoughts are my own; pics taken by me :)

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