Friday, March 14, 2014

spring beauty: Lavanila Healthy Roller-Ball fragrances

since spring break is right around the corner, chances are {at least i hope} you have plans. whether you'll be traveling or staying close to home to relish much-needed relaxation, Lavanila has a purse-friendly fragrance in the form of their fabulous Healthy Roller-Ball that will go wherever you go.

each vanilla-infused fragrance is the ideal size for jet-setting and running errands around town; with a blend of exotic essential oils and skin soothing botanicals, the yummy scents are timeless expressions of nature that will not only captivate the senses, but also nurture your skin.

scents include:

Pure Vanilla ~ the perfect vanilla
Vanilla Lemon ~ bright and clean
Vanilla Lavender ~ innocent and fresh
Vanilla Grapefruit ~ an uplifting citrus
Vanilla Coconut ~ paradise found
Vanilla Blackberry ~ seductively sweet

made with all-natural and organic ingredients, Lavanila Healthy fragrances are completely free of harsh chemicals and infused with organic sugar cane alcohol. have you smelled any of these yet?

discover more at ~ here's to a gorgeously scented spring!

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