Thursday, May 22, 2014

currently reading: Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante

reading isn't something i have much time for. in fact, i feel like these days it seems to take me forever to finish a book! i don't mind so much, though, because i truly enjoy reading.

that said, the book i'm currently reading, Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante is simply fascinating. i found this novel at my local used book shop a few weeks ago and the plot description sounded interesting. i thought, why not? i had just finished two great books, i was looking for a new book to read, and it was only fifty cents. the timing was right and the cost wasn't high... 

so far, i'm beyond intrigued by this book. the main character, Dr. Jennifer White, is literally losing her mind {she's suffering early onset Alzheimer's}, her best friend and neighbor, Amanda, has been killed, and Jennifer may or may not have murdered her. the biggest clue that makes Jennifer the prime suspect is that four fingers from Amanda's hand have been surgically removed. oh, did i mention Jennifer is a former orthopedic surgeon?

 Jennifer keeps notes for herself to try to keep her life and the people in it straight. she belongs to a coping group, but her episodes are becoming worse and she is remembering less and less. there are additional plot points involving other characters {like her grown-up kids and live-in caretaker} that will reveal themselves as the book moves on, i'm sure, and for now, i'm relishing where i am in the story. can't wait to find out how this mystery will turn out!

what are you currently reading?
btw, those books i mentioned earlier that i had finished are Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell {the audio version is fabulous!} and Trinkets by Kirsten Smith. they are both really good ~ i highly recommend you check them out!

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