Monday, May 19, 2014

hair therapy {how-to}: easy pool-to-party hairstyles

just in time for summer, senior stylist Graziella Lembo {at SalonCapri in Boston} shared with me the how-tos on 4 hairstyles she created that transition effortlessly from pool to party {or bedhead to bombshell beach babe} in just a few quick steps…

and even if you have no party plans, i think these inspired styles are fabulous for any time you might want to change up how you typically wear your hair. take a look…

Luxe Low Loop Knot:

beginning with straightened hair and a center part, spray Kerastase Double Force all over hair and smooth to create a sleek look.
work Shu Uemura Cotton Uzu through the ends of hair to creates shine and pull back hair into a low ponytail.
take a one inch section of hair and wrap around the elastic securing with a bobby pin. with remaining hair, loop up and secure with elastic. take the ends of the loop and wrap around the elastic, securing with bobby pins. finish with hairspray to create a lasting hold!

 "Bedhead-to-Beach" Faux Bob Fishtail:

using a 1 inch curling wand, take small sections of hair and create loose beachy waves
once waves have cooled ~ gently loosen by running fingers from scalp to ends.
taking the top section of hair, pull back bangs and create a cascading side fishtail braid down one side of your head.
using bobby pins, pin waves up and under to create a faux bob and secure the look with Kerastase Double Force

"Pool To Party" Wrap Bun:

the perfect style for after a dip in the pool; begin with your hair wet and create a low ponytail.
taking your favorite hair scarf, use a bobby pin to secure it to your elastic. twist your hair around the scarf and wrap hair up in a bun.
secure the look with bobby pins and finish with Kerastase Double Force to hold!

Textured & Tousled Beach Waves:

start the look with your fresh-from-the-beach waves or if you have freshly washed hair, spritz strands with a salt water solution for texture.
next, spray Kerastase Double Force throughout dry hair and create a deep side part;
on the shorter side of your part, pull back your hair and secure with a bobby pin. secure with hairspray and use a curling wand to tame any flyaway pieces.

thank you, Graziella for sharing how to create these fabulous perfect-for-summer hairstyles! be sure to look her up if you're in the boston area, you can also find the salon on Facebook and twitter

info and images courtesy of PR representing Salon Capri

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