Thursday, June 19, 2014

fit beauty: quick afternoon workout for energy

barre3 is a fabulous workout, and if you're a regular reader or follow me on twitter, you may have noticed me mention it a few times multiple times a week. what can i say? it's a fabulous workout! it's graceful and still challenging, and certainly has changed my body for the better. if you're looking for a great workout, it's something i highly recommend!

 as it turns out, barre3 has teamed up with another favorite of mine ~ Darling magazine! it's a 3-part series {a morning routine and an afternoon version, below, have been published; the evening routine will be posted next week}, featuring founder Sadie Lincoln, created to enable you get in a {mini} workout anywhere, anytime of the day.

try this one out ~ all you need is a waist-high surface {Sadie uses a desk!} ~ i'd love to know what you think…

btw, have you tried barre3 or any other barre-inspired workouts? i'd love to know, so share in the comments!

be sure to stop by for fabulous inspiration and thoughtful articles to help you be an even more gorgeous version of yourself. barre3 has workouts, recipes and more at ~ visit soon!

source: Darling Magazine

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