Thursday, August 7, 2014

beauty review: Eclos Daily Facial Cleansing Oil + Aqua Balm Finishing Mist

exclusively formulated with rejuvenating apple stem cells, the new Eclos {a freeman beauty brand} Aqua Balm Finishing Spray has been making this beauty girl very happy. clinically tested, this skin-improving formula has easily become my go-to final step in my current makeup routine; i love how it does what it promises, leaving my skin hydrated as well as looking fresh, smooth and shine-free all day.

on the other side of the skincare spectrum, also from Eclos, is the brand's Daily Facial Cleansing Oil. this beauty also contains apple stem cells, along with oils of argan, kukui nut, olive and sesame to nourish, hydrate and gently remove dirt, pore-clogging oils and makeup. the light scent is pleasant and it soothing, especially at the end of the day…

have you used Eclos products? you can find them at your local mass retailer and online at

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