Saturday, December 29, 2007


as it is the "eve" before my 28th birthday, i thought i'd take a moment to reflect and share 28 things that i am truly grateful for (in no particular order):
**my amazing and oh-so supportive husband
**my children, who teach me something new everyday
**being a child of God
**my mother, who is the strongest woman i know
**fresh veggies and fruit
**the color pink
**ice cream
**old movies
**my baby brothers--you are growing up to be beautiful young men
**always knowing that even if i feel lonley, i am never alone
**my pillow top mattress
**my CHI flat iron
**friends-old, new, distant and close--you influence my life always
**M.A.C. cosmetics
**my new home, sweet home
**my car--on cold mornings, i love the heated seats
**my health
**the words "thank you"
**fresh flowers
**my freedom
**sunrises and sunsets

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Anonymous said...

very inspiring. keep up the good work!!!!