Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Golden Globe Red Carpet Trends Courtesy of L'Oreal Paris

now that the holidays are over, it's time to gear up for award season! the Golden Globes are up first, and i knew you'd love the insider scoop on beauty trends you'll be seeing this year!

this year for the 2009 Golden Globe Awards, L’Oreal Paris consulting makeup artist Collier Strong is providing his expert tips and the latest trends on how to look red carpet ready. this year, it’s about being bold and beautiful— even if you’re on a budget!

first trend: focus on the lips!

Collier says, "it’s all about a beautiful bold lip! whether it’s warm or cool, a bold, opaque, red lip has a very sexy yet romantic feel. the eyes are as glamorous or neutral as your wardrobe dictates. during the day, eyes are kept simple; at night, opt for a darker look. either way, eye makeup should be blended beautifully and brows should be perfectly groomed for an elegant look. finish the eyes with long, beautiful lashes. pair this look with clean, glowy makeup, achieved with foundation, concealer and powder. for cheeks, use a complementary color to the red of the lip that works with your skin tone. apply on the apples of the check for a pop of color."

second trend: use color on the eyes!

Collier says, "whether it’s a wash of color or a bold, dark statement, using color on the eyes looks gorgeous. try a beautiful violet, blue or dark purple, or coordinate your eye color with your clothing. try using color on the upper lids only, or on the upper lids and under the lower lash line. tou can even add a hint of color on the inner corners and under the eye…just make sure the edges are blended out beautifully. think of watercolors and softness…that’s what makes this color work! use a complementary lip and cheek color for softer eye makeup shades and a transparent lip and cheek look when using bolder eye colors."

third and final trend: it’s all about the metallics!

Collier says: "i love a dark, dramatic, metallic eye in black, dark brown, navy or burgundy. it’s very sexy and a great look for an evening party or event. start with a dark liner that matches your shadow at the base of the lash. apply a dark metallic shadow on the lid, up to the crease. lightly run a little metallic shadow under the lower lashes. use a lighter metallic shadow on the brow bone and on the inner corners of the eye. for a really shimmery effect, you can add an extra highlighter over the entire eyelid. finish the eyes with dramatic, sweeping lashes. pair this look with matte, satin skin and keep lips and cheeks very neutral."

great tips, right? and these looks can be used with any brand. you can get a head start trying the trends out (one at a time, of course). you'll head out to your new's years party looking fabulous! i'm going to try them out myself; stay tuned for the results!

want to meet Collier in person? if you're in the area, he'll be at the L’Oreal Paris retail store (i love that place!), located in the Beverly Center, los angeles, to discuss red carpet trends on january 8 (that's this thursday)! i might go, so you should consider it too!


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monique said...

Beauty Luxe-- Ooops! i accidentally rejected your comment! so sorry...i had checked it with another that i wanted to reject, but forgot to uncheck yours so as to *not* reject it....yikes! but in response to your comment, yes, i agree somewhat that these aren't trends, and more classic ways women can wear their makeup, but for the GG's these are the "trends" you'll be seeing most. :)