Wednesday, February 6, 2008

an unexpected surprise

"be careful", "play it safe", "don't rock the boat..."

these are all phrases we've heard before. maybe we have told them to other people, or they have said them to us. maybe you've said it to yourself. whatever the case, sometimes playing it safe is the way to go. when necessary, of course, there should be risks taken, otherwise, we would never grow or learn. i happen to love floral scents, that are airy, light and have a hint of sweetness to them. if i try on a scent that i find to be too clean or musky smelling, i have to remind myself to give it a chance...,"see what happens, take a risk!" so, i do, and sometimes i am satisfied with the way it dries down, but i'm not always moved to purchase it. if i do, it is a rare case. so, i was on the hunt for a floral scent to claim as my new "it" fragrance. i wanted it to be just as i wanted it. because in the case of a signature, everyday scent, something that is "you" is the best way to go, right?

i was able to acquire a sample of a perfiume called Miss Boucheron. i actually got it at the same time as the Dolce and Gabbana The One perfume. it is described as a woody floral, cheerful and vibrant, yet delicate and refined.

when i put on Miss Boucheron, i did so with the intention of reviewing it. at first smell i liked it, but it was different--a floral and something else. yes, i smelled woodiness, but there is a hint of somthing else. hmmm...

hubby and i were going out to dinner, and as soon as i got into the car he said, "mmm, what are you wearing?" i told him, and he leaned over to smell my neck. he then said, "i like's very nice". ok, that's a better reaction than the Dolce and Gabbana fragrance from last week. "so, i don't smell like an old lady?", i asked. "not at all",he replied. i liked it, he liked it--note to self: so far, so good.

the next morning the scent had wore off and hubby noticed. "i can't smell your perfume anymore." i went on to explain that i liked that. if a fragrance is too heavy, it can linger, and that is not always a good thing. however, i do like a fragrance that can wear all day. Miss Boucheron is hearty enough to do this, yet light enough as to not leave you, or those around you, with a headache.

as i was wearing Miss Boucheron , i couldn't help but smell my wrist every few seconds because the scent was fabulous! it was just the right style to suit me. i loved it. yes, it contains floral notes, not such a risk, but i kept thinkng that there was something different about it. i couldn't put my finger on it but, it was, onto the research:

a woody floral: cheerful and vibrant: bergmont, pink peppercorns, pomegranate; delicate and refined: bulgarian roses, cyclamen, violets; racy: cedarwood, white buckskin, and to my surprise, musk.


Miss Boucheron, to me, is a sophisticated version of the florals i usually buy. i love that the majority of the notes are floral, and i think the base, though very light, gives it that something extra.

so, i was on the hunt for one fragrance, reviewing another, and surprise! the "reviewed" scent turned out to be the fragrance i never knew i was looking for. the lesson? play it safe when you must, but be open for pleasant (even out-of-the-box or "risky") surprises along the way!


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