Friday, April 18, 2008

look of the day

i went out today and bought some eyelashes. i love them so much, and it has been a while since i have worn them, so i thought that i would pick some up. today's look comes late (and i posted it late, too...sorry), but it is a hot look that i have to share with you!

like any good makeup application, applying false lashes only looks good if you do it right. here are some helpful hints:

start with clean lashes.

always trim lashes (if using a strip) to fit your eye.

if using a full strip of lashes, apply a thin strip of lash glue to the lash.
if using the small bunches of lashes, place glue on a piece of foil and use tweezers to dip the bulb in the glue.

wait about a minute for the glue to become tacky.

place the strip lashes along the eyelid as close to the lash line as possible.
for individual lashes, place the bulb directly on the lashes getting as close to the lash line without touching it.

continue to practice for your best look.

when you are done and have waited a few minutes for the glue to dry, apply mascara to blend natural and false lashes together.

some great brands to try (at every price point): Ardell, M.A.C, Shu Uemura
hope you have fun with this trend and try it soon. long lashes really make your eyes stand out. and don't reserve them for evening only! lashes can be worn for day as well. using the individual bunches gives a more natural look, but strips can always be used. trim them, of course, cutting vertically into the lashes, not across (remember the lesson about trimming bags? same idea).


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