Friday, May 23, 2008

Chipped Nails: the new 'IT' Trend?

The New York Times published an article yesterday on the newest trend: chipped nail polish.

this got me thinking...hmmm, do we really not have the time or energy to keep our nails up anymore? i mean, yes, polish chips, but to wear it as a fashion statement?

"before, when nail polish was chipped you absolutely had to run and get it fixed,” said Ji Baek, the owner of Rescue Beauty Lounge and a manicure doyenne who has noticed the Olsens and Lindsay Lohan with less-than-impeccable polish. now, clients like hers are "wearing perfectly-tailored clothes, they have $5,000 bags and equally fabulous shoes, but their nails are chipped and they’re saying, ‘i don’t care.’ they don’t want to be too perfect."

read the entire article here.


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