Monday, May 26, 2008

looking forward to Stylista

hold onto your reality-show-loving seats! the newest promos for the new CW show Stylista are among us...

billed as "The Devil Wears Prada reinvented as a reality series," Stylista will begin with 11 fashion enthusiasts. each week they'll compete in two different challenges -- an assistant task and a fashion editorial assignment.

ELLE fashion news director Anne Slowey-- who has previously appeared on Project Runway as a guest judge-- and the magazine's creative director Joe Zee will serve as Stylista mentors, with Slowey responsible for eliminating a contestant each week.

Stylista's grad-prize winner will receive a paid, year-long Elle editorial position; a paid lease on a Manhattan apartment for a year; and a $100,000 clothing allowance at H&M. (are you drooling yet?)

check out these clips:

whether or not this will be the hit of the season remains to be seen, but i guarantee the fashion lovers of the world and reality show junkies will tune in to see this!


source: elle

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