Friday, June 20, 2008

fragrance review: John Varvatos for Women

released this past february, John Varvatos eau de parfum for Women is a delicate yet sophisticated scent. i had to wear it a few times to get a true sense of what i thought. i have a habit of making quick decisions about fragrances. i had to remind myself to give it a chance, since the last time i found a fragrance i thought i wouldn't like based on the notes, i ended up absolutely adoring.

so here i am with this fabulous little bottle, loving the smell of fruity-amberness (is that even a word?). hubby liked it right off, which is always a good thing. he always tells me i smell good when i'm wearing nothing at all (scent-wise people!), and i ask him what he smells. the answer is always "you". ok....whatever this "you" smells like, i like to compliment it, you know?

in addition to aromatic grappa, the scent's top notes include georgian apricot, damascus plum and golden mandarin. at the heart of the scent are accords of rubrum lily, indian mango blossom, egyptian jasmine and turkish rose. the base of the scent includes oakmoss, patchouli, tonka beans and wild honey.

i think this is a fabulous scent! and the more i wear it, the more i love it! i really think i'm "growing up", because a year ago i may not have liked this. it's such an eclectic mix of warmth, florals and fruit, it could be worn by many different women. this is a scent that will be added to my collection. find out for yourself. if you've already tried it, tell me what you think!

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