Friday, June 27, 2008

hair therapy: AG fast food leave on condition

i am a huge fan of leave-in conditioners. after all, my hair is on the dry side, and a little extra moisture never hurts. i have been using AG Hair Cosmetics leave-in conditioner called, funny enough, fastfood.

this fabulous leave-in helps to hydrate my hair, and give me the softness i desire from a conditioning treatment. i love the silkiness of the texture, and the creamy citrus scent- so yummy!

the formula features silk and keratin proteins to add moisture, strength and shine to the hair. bonus: fastfood also contains a sunscreen!


Spas of America


Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a new leave-in to try. Is it light? Think it would be too heavy for thin hair?

monique said...

yeah, it's pretty light. not sure how it would be on thin hair, though. it does say on the website that it's "especially great for coarse/thick textures", but it could still be ok if you just used a little of it on the ends of your hair...

Jen Hill said...

I absolutely love AG's Fast Food! I use this as my leave-in conditioner and then add AG's Re:Coil to add definition to my wavy/curly hair.

I agree it is fairly light formula, but for thin hair, only on the ends and use a very small amount. Great post Monique.

monique said...

thanks jen!